What Intuition Blocks Do You Have?

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We’re a firm believer that everyone should listen and develop their ability to listen and act on their intuition. Your intuition is your inner voice that basically has all the answers to your life problems. Unfortunately there are certain things we do that block our intuition. Get yourself acquainted with these factors, we’ve read from Higher Awareness, so you can clear them up and finally be able to get in touch with the power in you – your intuition.

Do you believe that you actually hold within you the wisdom needed to resolve your problems or queries about life? Well the answer is – ‘Yes, you do’; because all of us are innately intuitive. Our intuition is the way for our brain to bridge our conscious mind to our higher consciousness mind. As a result, we get access to the immense wisdom that we all hold within.

Having said this, why do we still have trouble accessing this treasure of wisdom within us? This is because the connection blocked. We may or may not know that we are actually blocking our intuition from developing.

So what intuition blocks do you have? We have listed down some basic intuition blocks that you may have in your life right now.

  1. Not being in control of your emotions – Emotions play a huge part in your ability to be in touch with your inner self. If you don’t know how to deal with them or if you keep them all bottled up inside, they can cloud your connection to your intuition. For you to develop intuition, you need to be able recognize your reactive emotions and deal with them head on. It may be hard, but once you’ve cleared it all up it’s easier to be in touch with your inner voice.
  2. Lack of calmness, silence and meditation – Intuition is just like our inner voice talking to us at certain points in our lives. But to be able to hear this inner voice clearly, we need to be able to step back from our busy lives and take time to just be with ourselves and listen. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, silence or meditation allows us to be with your thoughts and emotions; this is the best way to develop your
  3. Personal beliefs – As they say, our biggest enemy in life is our own selves. Sometimes our beliefs about life and what we value can come in the way trusting our intuition. You can hold all the answers to life’s biggest mysteries, but if you don’t believe it yourself you won’t be able to bring it out. You end up setting limitations on your own abilities. Knowing yourself and your beliefs will help you determine what you need to work on in order to bring out your intuitive nature.

So, how are you blocking your intuition? Are you ready to start listening to your inner voice? If you are, check out these guys from Higher Awareness who can help you get started!

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