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Are you constantly finding yourself dealing with your roller coaster of emotions? As we’ve learned over at Mind Body Green – there a several useful Spiritual Practices that can help you tame down all the emotions that are overpowering you. These practices are taken from Yoga principles – so they definitely help you become more even-keeled.

Just take a moment to consider since waking this morning, how many times you moved toward something you liked, or away from something or someone you didn’t like. It’s easy to see how — consciously or subconsciously — these polarities drive many of our decisions and behaviors. Until we come to a state of balance, where the seesaw of raga-dvesa stops tipping from one extreme to the other, we will not experience harmony in our bodies, minds or emotions.

According to the Yoga Sutras, the purpose of yoga is to still the fluctuations of the mind to perceive our true nature. We will never be able to dwell within our changeless essence if we are always tossed around by that which changes, otherwise known as the ego self.

We must practice even-mindedness to overcome our tendencies to move toward raga or dvesa. Choosing to be non-reactive and non-opinionated in more and more situations, is the key to getting off the emotional seesaw of the mind.

To see the rest of the article and learn the spiritual practices, head on over to Mind Body Green!

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