4 Things We Do Always That Actually Affects Our Mood

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Suprisingly, there are certain common things we do everyday that have a great effect on our mood. This can explain why you would be positive and happy in the morning and just angry or depressed in the afternoon. The guys a Lifehack have these interesting points to share of why certain things we do are subconsciously affecting our mood. Read on – and you may be able to tone down those mood swings.

1. Spending time with negative people
The Problem: You know that if you spend too much time with a sick person, there’s a chance you could get sick too. But did you know that emotions are contagious too? And what’s even more alarming is that negative emotions are far more contagious than positive emotions. So it’s easy to see how spending time with negative people can affect your mood.

The Fix: The best option is too avoid the negative people altogether, but that’s not always an option. When you can’t avoid negative people, try and infuse positivity into the situation. This intentional act will keep you from slipping in to the negativity yourself.

And if you ever find yourself in situation where you have to defend yourself against a negative person, here’s how to respond to negative people.

2. Watching disturbing news
The Problem: Every time you listen to the radio, or turn on the television, or open a magazine, you’re almost guaranteed to see some kind of disturbing news. Lost airplanes, mass killings, terrible accidents, and all kinds of other disheartening stories are shared on the news. And while it’s good to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world, too much disturbing news will start to cloud your subconscious and eventually have a negative effect on your mood.

The Fix: Practice an information diet. You should only limit yourself to only consuming news directly related to areas that are directly important in your life. You’re a stock broker? Well then anything related to the stock market would be important to you. Or say you’re a lawyer, then you should be aware of any landmark cases and new laws being passed. Only consume information that is directly related to the things that are most important for you to know, and cut out everything else.

3. Social media stalking
The Problem: In a recent study by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, researchers found that the more time people spend on social media, the more likely they are to be unhappy or discontent with their own lives.

The Fix: One way to beat the social media bug, is through “selective presentation in digital media”. Or in other words, take some of the amazing things happening in your own life and share it on your social networks. One study revealed that doing so lead to increase in self esteem for participants.

4. Being disorganized
The problem: Your desk at work is covered with papers, memos, and scribbled documents. Your coffee table at home is buried beneath unpaid bills, overdue Redbox movies, and other miscellaneous things whose origin is still unknown.

Although you may not realize it, the clutter and disorganization it taking a toll on your subconscious, and thus negatively affecting your mood.

Psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter, Ph.D., says, “In our minds, we view this clutter as unfinished business, a constant reminder that our work is not done, and in cases of chronic clutter, never done. Suddenly, out of the depths, a bad mood surfaces”

The fix: Bourg Carter suggests that we, “Designate spaces for frequently used items and supplies,” and she also adds, “Make sure that these designated spaces are “closed” spaces, such as drawers and cabinets, if possible.”

So to keep your stress down, and your mood high, keep the clutter out sight, and in a designated place.

If you want to learn more surprising things we do that have a great impact on our mood – read the complete article over at Lifehack.

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