3 Sure Fire Ways to Calm Your Mind

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Not a lot of people know the importance of connecting your mind and body in order to assist you in healing your body. So it was awesome to run across a great article over at Dr. Hyman that clearly explains the connection and importance. Don’t think it’s possible? You need to try it to believe it! Below are 3 tips we got that can assist to calm your mind in order to see the wonderful effects it can have to your physical health.

1. Relax – Learn the way to ACTIVELY Relax.








Image Source: Mitchell Joyce

2. Optimize your nutrition – Time to clean up your diet from unhealthy food that dull your mind like alcohol & refined sugars.








Image Source: epSos.de

3. Use heat therapy – Take a hot bath or sauna to kick off your relaxation response.






Image Source: Thomas Wanhoff

If you want to read a more detailed explanation of the mind-body system and more tips for calming your mind, head on over to Dr. Hyman!


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